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Justice for Bridlington receives support from East Riding of Yorkshire councillors

July 17, 2013

Below is the text of a press release we sent out earlier today:

Justice for Bridlington’s campaign for greater transparency and accountability at East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has received support from a significant amount of councillors.

In June we wrote to all councillors asking them to support the residents, businesses, and taxpayers of the East Riding only to have our e-mails blocked by council officers. A new e-mail address we set-up was also blocked. Matthew Buckley, Head of Legal & Democratic Services, instructed all councillors to not reply to us until he had decided on a suitable response. Councillors have still not received advice from Mr Buckley.

Jonathan Owen, Deputy Leader of ERYC, also wrote to the Bridlington Free Press saying residents demanding justice were moaners and should be ignored.

Despite the efforts of ERYC to prevent councillors from signing our pledge, we are delighted to announce that a significant number of councillors have pledged to support our campaign.

Those councillors have agreed to  use every democratic option open to them to scrutinise and to publicly hold to account all those responsible for the current situation inBridlington and for any waste or misuse of taxpayers’ money. They have also pledged to ensure that all evidence uncovered is placed on the public record and that any public meeting of the council is recorded and broadcast.

Tom Morris, a spokesman for Justice for Bridlington, said:

“We want to thank all those councillors who have pledged to do everything they can to hold officers and the executive of ERYC to account. With their support we can now move forward with our campaign and will be holding further events and protests. It is vital for democracy that a bright light is shone through the dark corridors of County Hall and pressure is put on those who are responsible for covering up what has gone wrong in Bridlington.” 


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