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How Flexible is the AAP?

August 8, 2013
Is the AAP flexible?
Councillors and Officers have consistently said the AAP is flexible. That Tesco pulling out has little effect as this is only a small part of the grand plan and there were always alternatives. and that exciting developments are just over the horizon.

They have hinted at changes to the plan since the public enquiry.

The response to a recent Freedom of Information Request by Mr Peter Masters has confirmed that the Council’s own statement on flexibility remains as it was at the enquiry.

So what did the council say about flexibility in their own evidence? You can find it in the attached report. The language used and the ordering of information in the councils evidence is ‘unusual’ so here is a summery of the key point.

• Bridlington town centre has not responded to market forces therefore the council has to intervene, not to support the existing businesses, but to replace them on a new site.

• In order to guarantee delivery of their plan the AAP cannot be flexible and the council is so convinced they are right that there is deliberately no alternative or fall back position.

• The AAP is flexible only in that the exact number and types of shops etc. in the Burlington Parade can vary.

• The AAP protects the Burlington Parade and the links to the harbour and would put a stop to any other development which would prevent it from being built or which differs from the AAP.

So when you hear ERYC assuring you about flexibility it is not what you would naturally understand as flexibility – that they can build something else instead of the Burlington Parade or even build it on a different site, (as they will have you believe) but only that the kind of shops within the Parade are not set out in the plan.

It is evident in the sale particulars for the Coach Park that the Council are well aware of the planning issues. They have hinted that they will give themselves planning permission in 2013.


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