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ERYC Leader Does Not Speak For The Council

August 30, 2013
You would have thought that the Council Leader standing up in the Council Chamber to answer an official question form a councilor would be acting officially. We see David Cameron do the same in Parliament every week at Prime Ministers Questions speaking for the government.
It will come as quite a surprise then to learn that East Riding Council’s Chief Executive and his Head of Legal and Democratic Services (who is also the Monitoring Officer responsible for Councillor Standards.) state that this is not the case.
Justice for Brid campaigner Thomas Morris wrote to the Chief Executive following Leader Parnaby and his deputy Cllr Owen’s public and personal attacks on our supporters.

see Leaders attack on residents

The Officer’s response was that the councilors were free to express and opinion.  Mr Pearson and Mr Buckley are legally qualified and can be assumed to be fully aware of the law and standards applied to those in public office.  We would hope so as dealing with standards issues is one of the things we pay them for.
In the past officers have been  quick  ‘remind’ errant councilors of these standards and they have a responsibility to deal with any breaches and would not hesitate from taking action themselves.  Mr Buckley even went so far as to try to pressure a local MP to identify whistle blowing councilors objecting to his boss Sue Lockwood’s £364,205 pension top up.
It would appear that standards are selectively applied at the East Riding with the system used to restrict and gag some members but cover up for others.
A copy of the correspondence can be seen below. We will update you on the Chief Executives response.

—– Original Message —–


Sent: 08/28/13 02:29 PM


Subject: Fw: Statements by The Leader and Deputy Leader

Dear Mr Morris

Further to your email below to Nigel Pearson,  Mr Pearson has asked me to respond.  

Thank you for your email of 13 August 2013.

Both Councillor Owen and Councillor Parnaby were expressing their views as politicians on the actions of your group.  There is no ‘official Council position’ in relation to Justice for Bridlington, but as politicians Councillor Owen and Councillor Parnaby are free to express their views of your group, as your group is free to express its views on the proposed redevelopment scheme.

Mathew Buckley
Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Tel (01482 ) 393100

From: “Justice for brid” <>
Date: 13/08/2013 13:37
Subject: Statments by The Leader and Deputy Leader

Dear Mr. Pearson


The East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Leader and Deputy Leader have both, in their official capacities, made widely publicised public statements in relation to Justice For Bridlington and individual residents of the East Riding involved with the group.

Could you please confirm whether their statements are in line with Council policy/ practice /protocols. If they are not, where and in what way do their statements differ, and in each case could you please provide a copy of the councils official position.

Mr. Thomas Morris

Justice for Bridlington


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