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Justice for Bridlington Launches New Petition

September 28, 2013

Justice for Bridlington has launched a petition aimed at getting the East Riding Council to allow recordings of its public meetings, and is calling on the council to broadcast the meetings in a similar way to neighbouring Hull City Council.

Click here to sign the petition

We can not get justice for Bridlington when public meetings are held during the day at the convenience of officers and councillors, and when ordinary people are at work. The council’s minutes do not record the debate, so unless you take time off and travel to Beverley, it is impossible for members of the public see and hear what is going on and to get involved as they should.

A recent Freedom of Information request revealed that the East Riding’s policy on recording of meetings had been created by officers and has never been specifically debated or approved by councillors.

This petition will allow councillors to make the policy themselves. If they want to hide what they are doing from the electorate, so be it, but we want to know it is their decision and not that of some unaccountable official to cover up what is going on in County Hall.

It is not good enough for officers to simply slip a policy into constitutional changes, then say councillors approve it because they adopt the constitution, without debate at the AGM. Policy should be made by the elected members. We are asking them to decide for themselves if they want a secretive or open and inclusive council.

To sign our petition, go to:


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