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Councillors Support Our Transparency Campaign

October 3, 2013
Councillors are supporting Justice for Bridlington’s campaign for transparency at East Riding of Yorkshire Council by placing two motions before the Full Council meeting on 9th October.
The motions by the Labour Group presented by Cllr Josh Newlove and to be seconded by Bridlington South Member, Shelagh Finlay are;

“That, in the interests of transparency and democracy, this Authority agrees to allow personal electronic devices i.e. mobile phones, recording equipment, pagers, cameras or similar devices to be switched on and used at all Council and Committee meetings”

“That, in the interests of transparency and democracy, this Authority agrees to install and maintain equipment to officially record video, with sound, at all parts of council and Committee meetings that are open to public attendance, Further, that all such oficial recordings are easily accessible on the Authority’s website”

The Councillors are to be commended for listening to their residents and taking such prompt and positive action.
If passed then the officer imposed ban on recording will be over-turned
It is possible for other members to put forward amendments to block these motions. The usual ‘ruse’ is to send the matter to scrutiny for consideration. This usually takes so long to come onto the agenda that the change never happens.
Such tactics are cowardly, at best, they allow Councillors who do not have the courage to openly vote against what they know to be the right thing, to block democratic change, yet give the impression that they are being sportive and reasonable.

We would like to see the vote recorded so that we can publish how each Councillor voted – East Riding voters deserve to know which of their Councillors believe in democracy and which ones want to keep what they do secret.

Well done and thank you Cllrs Newlove and Finlay


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