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Brid’s Conservative Cllrs Block LibDem Plans To Give Us Our £35,000 Back.

February 10, 2014
So, Cllr. Parnaby said he is going to take a look down the back of the sofa to find some more cash to throw at regenerating Brid.
Odd given this was in the meeting that sets the expenditure for the coming year. When, how much, and what for, are questions which remain to be seen. It sounds good but commits to nothing. A genuine investment would have been included in the budget and the forward programme then approved at the meeting. It seems Cllr Parnaby has learnt a thing or two from his New Labour chums about announcing questionable ‘jam tomorrow’ spending for political benefit. He even attempted a side swipe at Justice for Brid in the process, which only demonstrated the impact we are making.
This looks very much like a classic political smoke-screen, so what is it he is trying to cover?
What we do know is that he has already spent millions to little effect.  He cannot deliver his proposed flagship development, has left large parts of the town boarded up, and with no Plan B we are subject to a series of ‘back of fag packet’ proposals.
What we also know is that a recent raid by the ERYC Cabinet on the money supposedly given by government to be passed on to Town and Parish Councils has taken around £35,000 from the town’s finding. Perhaps he intends to give it back and pretend it is new money?
We do not have to look far for and explaination.  In the same ERYC Budget meeting that Cllr Parnaby announced his largess, the LibDem budget proposal differed from the Tory one in only one respect – to distribute the Government support for changes in council tax calculation equitably to all town and parish councils. 

 See our post on the cabinate’s decision

The LibDem gripe was from Hessle, where the Leader of the LibDem group of three is a Town Councillor.  Hessle lost out on the way ERYC’s Cabinet decided to divide the money, but not as much as Brid did, yet our local Conservative Councillors all helped vote down the amendment.
The Cabinet only considered three options, all based on what town councils did last year, measured against newly imposed criteria of them not increasing either tax or precept.
The big question is, who decided that these were the only options, and tried to hide the real reason for their being any change in funding the lowest level of democracy?
All credit to the Hessle backbench councillors for fighting their corner, when Brid’s elected members just sit back and watch.  Cllr. Parnaby and his Cabinet are happy to put public money into Brid – but only if they can control it themselves. So much for Localism.

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