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Parnaby Tries To Weed Out Cllrs ‘Disloyal’ For Representing Their Wards

March 21, 2014

Conservative Councillors Geraldine Mathieson and Lena Slater have not been approved to stand as Conservative candidates in 2015 by a ‘hand picked’ sub-committee of their Haltemprice & Howden Association.

This follows personal interventions from Cllr Parnaby and his Group Secretary Cllr Felicity Temple.
Writing on behalf of the Group Officers, in an official letters riddled with factual errors, Cllr Temple effectively argued that in representing their residents both Cllrs Mathieson and Slater had been disloyal to the Leader and the Council.

Along with fellow Cottingham councillor Ros Jump, they were accused of supporting an opposition amendment to the ERYC Local Plan – wrong, they voted with the rest of the Tories on that one.  If there was ‘rebellion’ in the ranks, it was the previous vote at January’s Council meeting.

What the three did do then, in stark contrast to our own councillors, was to actually stand up for their Town Council which like Bridlington’s (and against Conservative DCLG Minister’s advice )  had part of its government funding grabbed to fill the ERYC coffers.

Looks like the Group Secretary doesn’t pay attention in Council despite being paid £11,697  (on top of her basic and Deputy Chairman’s allowance)  in taxpayer’s money handed out by Cllr Parnaby to do his bidding.

Following Party rules to the letter, they gave their close involvement with Cottingham’s Neighbourhood Plan as reason to vote in the interests of their ward.  Conservative Group rules normally allow this along with voting with their conscience but these basic and necessary rights have been striped from from ERYC Conservative Councilors by Cllr Parnaby and Temple’s  unauthorised amendment to the party rules.

Cllr Mathieson had also appeared on photographs of the Justice for Bridlington demonstration last May, and she now stand accused of a dangerous liaison with a malevolent organisation.

Cllr Mathieson with TPA Chief Executive Matthew Sinclair

Cllr Mathieson with TPA Chief Executive Matthew Sinclair

Such news travels fast, so it didn’t take long for some who had seen the letter to tell us that attending a residents’ meeting in a public space had been deemed grounds by the Leader for a well-respected and hard-working councillor to be considered unfit to represent the Conservative Party.

The Conservatives made great play of the undue influence that Unions had over the Labour selection process in Falkirk. They will now have to deal with their own clearly unfit selection process which many members say is charter for cronyism and corruption.

They have been proven right, we now know that to be selected as Conservative Party candidate in the East Riding of Yorkshire you must not serve your electorate nor serve your Party, but you must instead serve Leader Parnaby and his associates with absolute and unquestioning loyally – even if this is not in the interests of those who elected you or is against your own conscience.

This explains why our Conservative Councillors in Bridlington are so often wanting when it comes to representing our town or even the party they use to get elected – the simple truth is they don’t.


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