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East Riding Council Openly Disregards New Law on Filming

August 6, 2014

Eric Pickles has now signed the order making it illegal for Councils to stop members of the public filming or recording public meetings.
The law was changed following a TPA report supporting our campaign. ERYC then being highlighted as the most secretive council in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
They later defiantly refused to change until forced to by legislation.
Yesterday they were, that legislation was in place yet the Council still read out it’s (now illegal) recording ban preamble at the Planning Meeting.

When challenged by a Councillor the ERYC Officer in charge confirmed the Council was aware the law was in force but that Council rules could not be changed until the next full council meeting, – This is not until 8th October. Apparently ERYC rules outweigh the law of the land and ERYC Members and Officers are not subject to legislation like the rest of us.

The law change which is part of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 was given Royal Assent on 30th January but Mr. Pickles delayed signing the order brining it into effect until now to allow Councils the time needed to change their rules. Councillors knew the order was to be signed this week, Eric Pickles even personally confirmed it at a Conservative Party meeting in the East Riding three weeks ago (reported by j4b). More than enough time to deal with it at the Full Council meeting held last week on on 30th July.
What is even more astonishing is that Councillors did not vote on the
ban declaration which was introduced into meetings by Officers as a procedural change. Why then is a vote of all Members is needed to scrap it?

So ERYC is your failure to respond deliberate or utter incompetence? We will be asking a few questions to find out.

Cllr Parnaby is now out of time. Like it or not his out of touch Conservative Group can no longer limit public scrutiny of your meetings to the few who can attend.
If he is intent on the Council breaking the law for the next two months- he should think again.

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