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Brid Councilors Against Making Bridlington Streets Safer.

December 5, 2014

The ongoing civil war within the East Riding Conservative Party is now spilling over and damaging the safety of Bridlington residents.

The hostilities began when a minority of Conservatives councillors opposed the £364k discretionary taxpayer-funded pay-out that allowed director Sue Lockwood to retire early on full pension shortly after being given a pay hike to retain her services.

Four years ago, we saw virtually the entire Leadership of the Conservative Group deselected as unfit to represent the Conservative Party, only to be reinstated due to a technicality. Their revenge on their opponents resulted in ‘rebel’ councillors being forced out of the Conservative Group and the Council, and there are ongoing rule-shattering manipulations to deselect those who remain, along with any new councillors close to them.
This should all remain the misfortune of the political party concerned, but the vitriol and hatred is so embedded in the Council Leader that it is now affecting his judgement and that of the whole Council.
Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove, who, as a councillor, led the opposition to the payout, has proposed placing more officers in the top crime spots of Bridlington and Goole. Police are currently concentrated in Beverley, which has very little crime.

The former Police Authority actually allowed our officers to be moved away from the town.

You would have thought the Bridlington Councillors would be delighted and support the move.

Not a bit – whilst the other councils in the Humberside Police area have been extremely supportive, even asking why this was not done years ago, ERYC are trying to block making our streets safer. The Conservative Group, including all our local councillors, voted instead to make a formal complaint against Commissioner Grove and Chief Constable Curran, to the Parliamentary Committee for Standards in Public Life.

Their ‘crime’, is not consulting the Council, despite Leader Parnaby and Chief Executive Pearson refusing their offer to attend Full Council to set out the proposals and answer any questions from any councillor. They both rightly refused to attend a behind closed doors review meeting with selected councillors (but instead send the Divisional Commander).

Councillors then snubbed a conference at Bishop Burton, set up especially for them, with eleven senior offices including the Chief Constable.  Only nine of the 64 ERYC councillors attended, and two of those left soon after signing in. Not one of our Bridlington councillors bothered to attend.

Cllr Chad Chadwick ( Bridlington South Ward) did at least attend the Commissioner’s public meeting held at Bridlington School, but astonished those attending speak against improved policing for our town. The only person there to do so.

I am sure few Bridlington or Goole residents care about political parties tearing themselves apart. They do care about the safety of their families and community. For elected Councillors who are supposed to work on our behalf, to instead, play pathetic personal politics at our expense and the expense of the effective policing of their own wards is beyond contempt.  It is they who have found a new low in standards in public life and they who should seriously consider whether they wish to represent their residents, or pander to the personal grievances of their Group puppet-masters.

The Force has issued a formal rebuttal to the Council and comments of the Council’s review.

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