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Justice for Bridlington is a campaign group formed in May 2013 by and for the people of Bridlington.

After 15 years and some £53 million spent on a £200 million scheme, East Riding of Yorkshire Council plans to knock down a large part of the town to relocate the town’s shopping centre. Plans have ground to a halt because everything depended upon Tesco moving to a new site. Tesco has now confirmed it has no plans to move. With no alternative from the council and with large parts the town boarded up and derelict, questions about the inflexibility and viability of the Area Action Plan have brought into sharp focus the failings of council officers, councillors, and consultants.

The failure of East Riding of Yorkshire Council to sign-up Tesco before basing their entire plans on them moving has dealt a serious and potentially fatal blow to those plans and confirms that Plan B does not and never did exist.

Neighbourhoods have been needlessly blighted; families have (more or less) been forced out of their homes under the pretence they were helping regenerate the town they call home. The unnecessary cost to taxpayers already runs into the millions. The liability and ongoing costs may soon start to spiral out of control. Those responsible for this mess must be held to account

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